Located at 304 N 16th Avenue Nampa Idaho

Our most recent completed garden  

"Veterans Liberty Garden" At The Lighthouse 

Veterans Therapeutic Gardens

Use concept for the "Veterans Liberty Garden" at the Lighthouse as determined by: Boise Rescue Mission, Lighthouse Men's Shelter

1) The primary intended use of this garden is for therapeutic purposes by our nation's veterans. All other uses and activities will be secondary to that goal.

2) A large section of the garden will consist of raised bed planter boxes that will be used by individuals and families in this area. See garden application documents for rules and use of these boxes.

3) There will be a large portion left as an in-ground garden to be run by the veterans and mission staff. The initial use of this area will provide fresh produce for use at he mission and given out to the community through our food box program, and other partner agencies as allowed.

4) The area between the VA conex and the south fence will be a landscaped break area for use by those working in the garden. This is separate from the serenity garden located on the west side of the alley. That area will have as its priority of use: Veterans' groups, mission staff and client groups, and other outside groups and agencies as approved by the Lighthouse director.

5) To gain the maximum value of this great asset, we intend to use the entire area for as many purposes as possible. These will include, but not be limited to: use as a teaching garden by various community groups and schools, events such as the annual veterans' Stand Down, support for other therapeutic gardens, and future projects.